All-in-one biodiesel processor

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How BioBuddy works

BioBuddy will successfully convert new and old vegetable oil into biodiesel, and it does this by:

Heating the Oil

The main holding tank has an integrated Stainless Steel heating element which will heat the oil to a preset temperature. This temperature is regulated by the thermostat control, ensuring the tank does not overheat.

Mixing the chemicals


BioBuddy is designed to self-mix all chemicals, ensuring maximum results with minimal effort. The catalyst can be added to the main holding tank and mixed in accordingly.

Washing the fuel

Improve the quality of your fuel by removing any remaining sodium hydroxide, methanol and soap that has been left behind with the aid of the integrated wash nozzle.

Drying the fuel

Any remaining water that is present will be evaporated into the atmosphere during this stage, ensuring water-free Biodiesel.

Filtering the fuel

Finally, your new Biodiesel is filtered and polished to 5 microns. This stage of the process will remove any final remaining contaminants, likely to be trace elements.

Pumping the fuel

Transfer your Biodiesel directly into your car, storage tank, or anywhere you like with the aid of the fuel dispensing nozzle - just like a petrol station!


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